2020/01/17 Efteling, The Netherlands

Efteling (+)

Efteling is a beautiful, fantasy themed amusement park. Most of the attractions are based around fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, the Grimm Brothers etc. with attractions and dioramas designed by the painter Anton Pieck and Peter Reijnders.
The park opened in the 50s and is incredibly charming. We were super lucky because it didn't rain and it was practically empty... we queued exactly 0 times in the entire visit. Even so, it took the whole day to be able to see everything the park has to offer, and we still missed out a couple of attractions.
Because of the season not all big rides were open, like the famous Flying Dutchman, but we did go on the roller-coasters that were! I love that every ride is based on a different fairy tale! My favourite have to be Vogel Rok (which took me totally by surprise!) and Droomvlucht, a dark ride where you see different scenes in fairyland. It was breathtaking, especially the last part when you speed down a troll forest... I liked so much we went on this one twice.
I really recommend visiting Efteling if you are ever in The Netherlands! I'd really love to visit in the summer season when all the rides are open and there are more characters, if I can avoid the queues somehow!