Madrid (+)

Finally got to know Madrid and its as lovely as promised!
We stayed at an AirBnB in La Chopera area, which is next to a park and the Matadero, a former slaughterhouse turned arts center and cinema (although we didn't have time to check out anything happening there, it looked amazing!).

First thing I found out was how close we were to Xiaolongkan Hot Pot restaurant and OF COURSE we had to have dinner there. If you have never had hot pot you absolutely must visit. It is a super fun experience and everything was delicious!

The first morning in Madrid we walked towards Plaza del Sol and joined a free tour. I have never done a free tour before because I'm fond of wandering around at my own pace, but it is an OK way to get to know a city in a short time. Afterwards we joined our friends at Ataca Paca for an incredible meal (and super cheap!) and walked around Lavapies for a while. I really loved how much personality every person's window had.

On our last day we visited the famous Rastrillo and had a well earned vermú (aka Spanish brunch!)